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UK archaeological society journals online

Many journals produced by UK archaeological societies are available online. A list of some of these is shown below, with details on available volumes (as at December 2017). The KAS Library holds either archival or current volumes of the journals listed below – click here to search our catalogue for a title. INSTITUTION JOURNAL DETAILS URL DEC 2017 Antiquaries of Scotland Proceedings

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Roman Britain online

Reports focusing on Romano-British archaeology can be found online. See below for details: Roman Settlements Author: Pete Wilson Publisher: English Heritage Date: 2011 Introduction: This broad category covers all types of Roman-period civilian settlements from isolated farmsteads to the largest Roman cities, taking in civilian settlements associated with military establishments. The latter are broadly divided into two groups: canabae associated with

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KM Group digital archive

The KM Group digital archive is available online. It has now been expanded to include the newspapers from both the First and Second World Wars. The archive provides a fascinating insight into Kent’s leading role in the Great War, World War II (especially the Battle of Britain) and will prove an invaluable tool for anyone interested in the period. Click here

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National Roman Fabric Reference Collection now online

The National Roman Fabric Reference Collection: A Handbook is now live on the SGRP website: It has been a lengthy process, but hopefully it will be a valuable resource for a wide range of users. The website is essentially the published handbook, with Andy Chopping’s original fresh-break photos immeasurably enhanced as digital images, and a photomicrograph added for each

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Prehistoric Kent

If you have an interest in the prehistoric history of the Kent landscape you may find these publications useful: Lost Landscapes of Palaeolithic Britain (Oxford Archaeology) This 2016 publication includes reference to the Medway Palaeolithic Survey and Cuxton. It sets a useful and informative agenda for future palaeolithic work.  It is available free as a pdf download at: The Medway Valley

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Discovering Cumbria’s past online

As part of its 150th anniversary celebrations, the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society is making all the volumes of its journal ‘Transactions’ available online. CWAAS members can see all volumes when they log in while non-members can view all but the last 10 years. To search the database, click here to go to the CWAAS website.

Roman and post-Roman shrines

A reports on shrine, both Roman and post-Roman, can be accessed online for free. See below for details: Shrines (Roman and Post-Roman) Authors: Kate Wilson and Pete Wilson Publisher:  English Heritage Date: 2011 Introduction: This publication covers Roman and post-Roman shrines, looking at the descriptions of Romano-Celtic temples, Classical temples, Basilican temples, Christian temples and other shrine forms. It briefly addresses chronology

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Palaeolithic sites in the Upper Ravensbourne Area, Kent

Online article by F. Beresford looks at the Palaeolithic in Upper Ravensbourne area of Kent. Click here to access the article. Abstract: Many Palaeolithic sites, first discovered in the late 19th century or early 20th century, lacked adequate publication and coherent curation of the finds which were frequently exchanged or sold and dispersed. This study focuses on a number of

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Borthwick Catalogue online

The University of York has just launched their Borthwick Catalogue online. The Borthwick Institute originally specialised in ecclesiastical archives, but the past three decades have increased the range of their holdings. Archives covered include: Church of England and nonconformist records University of York archive Rowntree archives York NHS archive Families and individuals Architecture, craft and design, gardening and horticulture Societies and

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A history of the County of Kent

British History Online provides a digital version of ‘A history of the County of Kent: volume 2‘ edited by William Page and originally published by Victoria Country History, London, 1926. This volume deals with the religious houses of Kent, including accounts of the early history of Canterbury and Rochester cathedrals, and of sites now within modern London. Click here to

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