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Monumental Brass Society newsletter

The Library has received the latest online version of the Monumental Brass Society’s newsletter for February 2017 (134). If you are a member and would like a copy, please contact the librarian at You will be sent a copy via email. The bulletins from June 2016 and October 2016 are also available.

The portraits: Elizabeth Golding

Elizabeth Golding Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Roydon of East Peckham and heiress of Roydon, married William Twysden of Chelmington and Wye in 1541, after which they made their home at Elizabeth’s father’s house, which William and Elizabeth then inherited.  Elizabeth’s only surviving son Roger was born in 1542 and after his father’s death in 1549, Elizabeth re-married, staying on at

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The portraits: Roger Twysden

Roger Twysden The son of Elizabeth Roydon and William Twysden of Wye and Chelmington, Roger Twysden (b. 1542 – d.1603) married Anne Wyatt in 1562. He pursued his main interest of developing and maintaining the combined Roydon and Twisden estates alongside his mother, whom he succeeded in 1596.  A  further occupation was the raising and maintaining of a sizeable militia

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The portraits: Anne Wyatt/Twysden

Anne Wyatt/Twysden Anne Wyatt was a daughter of Thomas Wyatt the Younger. She married Roger Twysden, only son of Elizabeth Roydon Twysden, in 1562. Together they had twelve children, six of whom died in infancy. She is reputed, according to writings left by her husband and eldest son, to have been well-read, discreet and with the ‘best way of expressing

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The portraits: Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger The son of Sir Thomas Wyatt and grandson of Sir Henry Wyatt, he is remembered chiefly for the Rebellion of 1553 which was conceived in Kent, bore his name and was regarded as the most serious uprising against Mary 1. Born at Allington, his education is little known and accounts of early travels in Europe

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