Hoo Peninsula reports

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The Hoo Peninsula Landscape

Authors: S. Newsome, E. Carpenter and P. Kendall

Publisher: Historic England

Date: 2015

Introduction: Our landscape is continually changing. The Hoo Peninsula, which extends into the Thames Estuary from the north Kent coast, has a unique and varied character that reflects how its landscape has been used over thousands of years (Fig 1). Two factors have strongly influenced the peninsula’s development over time. First, its location on the River Thames, the country’s most important shipping route, close to the markets and centres of power in London and neighbouring the important naval and garrison towns of Chatham and Sheerness, has made it a desirable setting for vital defence installations and industries (Fig 2). Second, physical features of the peninsula, such as its river estuaries and resources, have provided the environment needed to sustain these industries, develop new technologies and, from the medieval period onwards, undertake major land reclamation. This unique combination of factors has allowed the Hoo Peninsula to play an important regional, national and sometimes international role in England’s history, and will continue to shape the area’s future.

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Hoo Peninsula, Kent: Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project

Authors: E. Carpenter, S. Newsome, F. Small and Z. Hazell

Publisher: English Heritage

Date: 2013

Series: Research report no. 21

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