The portraits: Anne Wyatt/Twysden

Anne Wyatt/Twysden


Anne Wyatt was a daughter of Thomas Wyatt the Younger. She married Roger Twysden, only son of Elizabeth Roydon Twysden, in 1562. Together they had twelve children, six of whom died in infancy. She is reputed, according to writings left by her husband and eldest son, to have been well-read, discreet and with the ‘best way of expressing her mind in writing’, as well as a good housekeeper. She was survived by her husband, and their heir,  Sir William Twysden, born 1566, went on to become First Baronet of Roydon.

Anne Wyatt’s portrait, a water colour miniature, is said to be  a ‘modern copy’ by  W.E. Brennand.  No further information on this artist can be found. However, a Twisden daughter, Iris, married  a William Brennand in Calcutta in 1845 and daughters of this marriage, Edith and Eunice, were subsequently housekeeper/secretaries to John Ramskill Twisden at Bradbourne in the years after World War 1.

(Written by Janet Mayfield; Photo by Penny Greeves)


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