The portraits: Roger Twysden

Roger Twysden


The son of Elizabeth Roydon and William Twysden of Wye and Chelmington, Roger Twysden (b. 1542 – d.1603) married Anne Wyatt in 1562. He pursued his main interest of developing and maintaining the combined Roydon and Twisden estates alongside his mother, whom he succeeded in 1596.  A  further occupation was the raising and maintaining of a sizeable militia in the lathe of Aylesford. He was commended for his efforts and in due course became High Sheriff for Kent in 1599. According to J.R. Twisden, he was well regarded as assiduous and dependable.

He and his wife Anne had 11 children (possibly 12; accounts vary), all born at Wye and most living into adulthood.  He ensured the academic education of his sons and appears to have been well read, as was his wife.

Having moved from Wye to Roydon Hall in the late 1570’s, he remained there until his death, steadily consolidating the family’s estates. Roger was succeeded by his son William (b.1566-d.1629), who became 1st Baronet of Roydon in 1611.

Roger Twysden’s portrait (above) is said to have been a companion piece to that of his mother, Elizabeth Golding; a crest and the Arms of Twysden together with motto Previsa pereunt mala, are in the top left corner.  In the opinion of J.R. Twisden, the two portraits were painted by different artists, albeit about the same time. He refers to that of Roger as a superior portrait, but undated, and by an unknown artist

(Written by Janet Mayfield; Photo by Penny Greeves)


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