Transcriptions: Sir John Leveson of Halling, Kent, 1590

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Transcription D593-S-4-28-10b

Record Office: Kent County Library and Archive Centre (with permission from South Staffordshire County Council).

Document Office: The Sutherland Collection: D593/S/4/28/10.

Document type: Copy letter from Sir John Leveson (Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the County of Kent) to the owners of iron works regarding bonds to be collected to preclude the production of iron ordnance in the Weald of Kent.

Date: 8 October 1590.

Subject: Order for the collection and payment of bonds as demanded by the Privy Council.

Transcriber’s notes: The end of a line in the text is denoted by / in the transcription. Where the writer of the letter has used / to denote the end of a sentence, then // has been used to differentiate from the end of a line in the text. Where letters have been omitted by the writer those missing have been inserted by the transcriber within [ ]. Where text has been inserted above the line the symbols < > have been used to denote this. Page begin and end notes have been inserted by the transcriber within [ ].

Unusual words in text: Fermor: a lease holder or rent payer.


Copy of my letter/ to the owners of Iron/ Works 1590/

[end first page]

[second page]

After my hartie com[m]endac[i]ons unto you. I have this daie Receaved L[ett]res from the/ Right Honourable the Lord Cobham, her Ma[jes]t[ys] Lieueten[a]nt of this Countie And/ with them L[ett]res and Instrucc[i]ons from the Lordes of her Ma[jes]t[y]s most honourable/ previe Counseall com[m]anndinge, that for asmuch, that for as much as their Honours/ are given to understand from the Lo[rd] Buckhurst, that not w[i]thstandinge their/ formar L[ett]res, written for the Restrainte of Makinge and transportinge of iron/ ordinannce, not extendinge to all such as have furnaces, but onlye to those that then/ so made Ordinance, diverse p[er]sons, who before that Restrainte, made iron onlye/ and no ordinannce findinge themselves at Libertie, and not bound as the rest,/ do now converte their furnaces, to the makinge of Ordinannce. For pre-/ ventinge wherof, thay have com[m]anded that Bonds be taken of all suche as/ have, or hereafter shall have, Furnaces or Iron Workes w[i]thin this countie,/ extendinge the same aswell so unto the Fermors as to the owners of the Furnaces,/ that no devise or shifte be had, to defraud the purpose of their ordres and/ directiones, till Libertie be given to the Contrarie// Theise are therefore by/ virtue of the saide L[ett]res directed to me, to require yow and in her Ma[jes]t[y]s name/ to com[m]and yow that yow <take the paynes to> repayre to my house at Hallinge upon Thursdaie the/ xvth of October by nine of the clocke in the forenoone, and <that> yow bringe w[i]th yow/ sufficient Suerties (such as are in the Subsydie booke, to ioine w[i]th yow in suche/ Bondes, as by their Honours Com[m]anndement is apointed. And further/ to receave such directione as by their Honours L[ett]res is to be given to yow/ Hereof I praie yow not to Faile <[illegible]>as yow will annswer for your default/ <[illegible words]> heerein before their honours, to whome I must make reporte of my p[ro]ceeding heerin w[i]thall possible speede. And I comitt yow to god. Hallinge/ this viijth of October 1590/

yor very Lovinge Freind/

John Leveso[n]

[end second page, end of document]